We are Kaspars&Evelyn Apinis – Estonian-Latvian missionary family working with Wings for Wheels in Latvia. W4W is a ministry that was started by YWAM Riga in 2007 with the goal of reaching out to the disabled, to give them a chance to hear the Gospel and attain eternal life. If it were possible to gather all of the disabled people in the world into one nation, that nation would number 1 billion men, women, and children. That nation would be the world’s third largest country, after China and India. It also would be the least evangelized nation with the lowest church involvement rate. We work among this nation and here you can see the updates from our work.

In this website you can get to know who we are, read our newsletters, see our photo albums and selection of new videos and old videos. Here you can get to know how you can get involved with our work and see W4W fundraising projects thermometers. Have a pleasant stay!